Mitette Cardigan

Miette Cardigan

On the eve of my 35th Birthday, I spend the night knitting and watching the 1999 movie Election- I think that is an exceptionally adult thing to be doing. No alcohol or parties here….not through lack of desire for such things…simply because now those things make me tired. But hey – the knitting WAS exciting because this is the first Adult sized garment that I have managed to pull together on the knitting front. I’ll grant that it’s not finshed yet but it is about half way there and I am making good progress.

It is the Miette pattern by Andi Satterlund and I have been really impressed by how relatively easy it has been to knit up. So far the hardest thing was finding some Aran weight yarn that I liked. It appears to be very difficult to buy Aran weight yarn in Australia in real life. Well at least in Canberra. I was nervous about buying yarn on the internet because I am a very tactile person and I like to touch these things before buying them. There are only two physical Yarn stores in the ACT that are a giant chain store (and they don’t have aran/worsted weight yarn anyway) – so that left me a little limited in  choice. I went with a Naturally Loyal 100% Machine Washable Wool in Red. I am really happy with how it is knitting up as well – although I think that I would like something softer next time.  I have been using this handy ipad app to keep track of my notes and where I am up to – It looks like a real mess but it has been really helpful (Excuse the extra colouring – my children find this app particularly fun).


On the who I am really enjoying knitting my Miette and hopefully I will have a new Cardigan before the cool weather really hits in Canberra.