Tree painting

Gouache on Dictionary paper

I joined a facebook group recently curated by Tania McCartney – a local Children’s book author in Canberra with the hope of extending myself in my art a little. I find that I tend to do the same thing over and over and that the only way I was going to try something new was to be challenged to do so.

This is my contribution for Week 9 – the theme was Tree. Some of the other people participating are quite spectacular. You can see a selection of the participants work on the 52 Week Illustration Challenge Blog.

I am a completely self taught artist and mainly dabble in art for the sake of therapy. The majority of what I do lives in my art journal and doesn’t come out for others to see.

The first week I participated in the challenge, the theme was Crosshatching – an area where I have zero confidence and experience. This was my effort for week 8:


Pitt markers on Watercolour paper

I was well out of my comfort zone with the crosshatching – but by participating and having a go I was doing exactly what I set out to do – challenge myself.

Here’s to many more challenges throughout the year.