Facebook is a minefield.

So much information passing through our heads every time we log in – its no wonder that more and more people appear to be having issues with focusing on everyday life!

But once you take care of all of the ‘friend’s that you didn’t have in highschool’, and the ‘friends that you met at a wedding’, and the ‘friend’s of friends’ – the list could go on – you are left with the constant feed of all those blogs, businesses, charities and causes that you have ‘liked’ at some stage.

I have recently started making an effort to go in an ‘unlike’ any of these ‘like’s’ that aren’t contributing to my clear headspace. Seriously, it is like a constant stream of advertising, of bloggers trying to desperately sell their latest get rich quick scheme, of fitness models pasting their perfection to make you feel guilty about the gym session you skipped today because there are only 24 hours in the day and the organisation guru ‘mom’s’ who make you feel sick to the stomach with their perfect Tiffany Blue and crisp white kitchens with perfectly pinterest worthy tupperware and linen closets with labels.

Well I am sick of it.

Isn’t there enough in this world to make us feel guilty as working mums?

It’s not enough anymore to just make it through the working week and managing to feed the kids and make sure they have enough clothes, apparently we have to check of the list in  our carefully preened ‘Home management binder’ while we work on creating a perfectly laminated menu board where we can plan our meals in advance for the next 30 days, have prepared our children a dairy free, wheat free, fruit free, nut free, sugar free…fun free…. weeks worth of stimulating lunches with cute “I love you lunchbox notelets in the shape of a heart” included

I am over the guilt that these apparently perfect people seep into our not so perfect lives. For those of us who fall into the perfectly OK category of ‘normal’, who do not feel the need to be organised to the n’th degree, who know that umm…towels and sheets…go in the linen closet. I salute you – especially if you can manage to get the said towels and sheets back into the linen closet before they are required for use again.

So the only things I am going to ‘like’ from now on are things that build up my self worth as a working parent, things that encourage my spirit, things that nourish my soul. No guilt, no shame, no sales pitches. I’m done.

I feel a little better now…..thanks!