I know that it has been some time since I last posted on here. I really am undecided as to whether blogging is something that I want to continue with.

Mainly it is the time factor – Blogging is often the last thing I feel like doing at the end of a work day. But it is also the pressure I place on myself to be a ‘good’ blogger. To write good quality posts and interesting content.

Truth be told I am really burnt out. I am about to start two weeks of annual leave from work and I am attending a Yoga retreat next weekend to try and address some of the burn out. I feel like I am so far removed from the me that I want to be that I can’t be authentic when I blog. The whole purpose of this blog is to write about finding the balance between being a working mum and parenting those two boys but lately I don’t feel as though I have been doing a very good job at any aspect of my life at all.

I have been very introspective of late and have been spending much time drawing and painting to try and cope with the stress. I don’t feel like it is working.

I am going to try and spend the next two weeks recovering some of the self that I have lost and trying to get back to some level of normality. I am already feeling anxious about going back to work at the end of the two weeks as I know the enormous amount of work that awaits me – even without being away for two weeks. Right now the light at the end of the tunnel is very faint for me  – one step at a time I will walk closer towards it.