what if…
What if I just slowed down and watched the world go by?
Let all of the lovely moments into our lives
and not blink as they pass by.
What if we just sat back and enjoyed the simple things?

Exploring nature, good food, family, friends – and all that they bring.

What if I just didn’t need more stuff?

Would I feel less cluttered and not yearn to have…enough?

What if I learnt to just stand still – and be in the moment – live for right now?

I would be OK – I might even be great.

Quietly, quietly – my new found consciousness awaits.

I’ve never really been one for writing poetry but this came to me this morning and I felt the urge to put pen to paper.

Motherhood has brought me many things but the one thing that stands out is how much my thinking and  thought processes have change and continue to change.

It is a little overwhelming at times and I am still working through it.

The one thing I have found to be the most profound is that it is so importnat to have confidence as a parent. To be confident in your choices and to try and not listen to too many experts – especially to not compare yourself and your choices to others.

To let your baby guide you – to let go of control.

This is one of the parts I am trying to work on.
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** This post originally appeared on one of my blogs from well back in the day – this week I am doing a retrospective of some past writing – I hope you enjoy!**