This week has been one of highs and lows. I started off the week super motivated but as the week drew on I became tired and the motivation levels slipped dramatically.
Last Sunday we had a lovely BBQ at a friends house- these guys always do lovely food so it was a real treat to have someone else make dinner.
On Monday I planned out my food for the week and went shopping – getting everything I needed for a week of solid 12WBT eating. Tuesday morning I was up at 5am so I went and did RPM at the gym – it was a tough session but I was glad I did it. I was motivated to go to the gym on Wednesday and Thursday and I was organised enough to do well with food on these days too. But by Friday the house was a mess, there was piles of dishes in the sink, I has and unexpected function to attend and it wax all too much. I caved and took the easy, comforting option of maccas for lunch and a Cider with my colleague afterward. It’s Saturday, I’m super tired, and trying to figure out how I am going to tiger through the next 12 weeks.
Tonight I am going to dinner with some ladies who are also in Canberra and doing the 12WBT so I am hoping that meeting some other people will assist me in keeping my commitment

I am nervous about meeting new people and having to interact with them but I think that it will help – I hope!