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The early spring garden harvest

Homegrown vegies

Silverbeet, broad beans and more lettuce than we can eat!

My late winter gardening efforts are beginning to pay off and last weekend I pulled up the Silverbeet that was running to seed and salvaged as many of the leaves as I could (after carefully removing a small army of earwigs!). Silverbeet is such an easy veggie to grow and there are so many things you can use it in. I tend to use it as a substitute for Spinach or throw a handful into a curry to add a few greens.

I don’t really like broad beans but I grow them as a nitrogen fixing crop over winter. They never fail to crop well and I shell the pods and give the a quick blast in some boiling water and then freeze them to put into casseroles and stews.

The lettuce is a new one for me this year and I have been surprised at how easy it has been to grow. I have more lettuce right now than I could eat in a year and I do get a little bit sick of having salads daily! I have a new appreciation for why loose leaf lettuce in the shops is so expensive because it is quite difficult to wash all the bugs and grit off the leaves.

The rest of the veggies in the garden look like giving me a very worthy crop over the next few months. I especially love having an entire salad growing in my back yard!

How is your veggie garden going?


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  1. Looking gorgeous! Jealous going to try and set one up for next year I think !

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