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Juggling too many balls

I am just plain exhausted right now and I really feel as though I have too many balls in the air at the moment. I never seem to have a spare minute let alone a minute to myself. If I sit down to have a minute off I feel as though I should be doing something else entirely.

I have to get rid of some of these balls but I just don’t know how – there is one in particular that I’m not sure where to go with.

It is weighing quite heavily on my mind right now – when really all I want to do is sleep.

I get like this occasionally – this is why I need this blog to keep reminding me to find things and ways of being happy. If I keep going along this track I’m not going to be a happy mama for much longer.



  1. A problem shared is a problem halved Miss A – hope you get it sorted soon!

  2. You just need to remember its ok to drop the ball occasionally. So long as you pick them up again, that way no one trips. Of course times are exhausting but then one say you wake up and things don’t seem to matter as much and things connect alot easier. So I guess I’m saying, don’t worry things always work out the way their suppose too.

    But as an advertisement just said – don’t say ‘can’t. Because you can.

  3. I wanted to say that if you need help, a coffee, a babysitter, just shout.

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