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Packing? How good are you at it ?

We did a bit of a road trip this weekend just gone to attend a wedding in the foot hills of mt Warning in northern NSW.
It was – as you might imagine – simply stunning. The property was a place called Midginbil Hill and it is one of those magic parts of the world. It’s a pity really that I didn’t take any pictures of the homestead or landscape.

There is no phone or Internet reception in this part or the world – thus the silence this weekend.

The wedding invite said to bring warm clothes. In my typical mother fashion I was running around making sure we had everything for the boys and that the cat was fed. I just threw clothes for me into the bag without really thinking. When we stopped for the first night I realised that I had forgotten the dress I was planning on wearing to the wedding.
This meant a short degree of panic followed by an unexpected trip to Port Macquarie to buy a new dress! Luckily there is a little bit of variety in Port Macquarie and I found something quite nice that I will wear again.
But I digress! My inability to concentrate saw me packing at least 6 different jumpers. Six! Who needs six jumpers for four days away? I also had at least 5 different outfits and three pairs of shoes. Three different sets of pyjamas. All this and no dress.
And you know what I wore all weekend? Jeans and long sleeve shirts and one set of pj’s. I wore the same jumper all weekend. I think I must be the worst overpacker in the history of time! I have a fair bit of travelling to do over the. Purse of this year so I think I should make it my goal to get down to packing only what I will need. There are plenty of guides to packing light on the Internet.

In the meantime sorting out this mess is in my future!


Are you a serial overpacker? Have some good packing tips? I’d love you to share in the comments.


  1. I used to be just like that !! I always panicked about social occasions and what to wear so I would take my whole wardrobe just about! Several years ago I decluttered my wardrobe and made it much more streamlined. Now I pack the same – we have a rule – three sets of day clothes and one set of good clothes for long holidays. We can always wash! I usually go with things that will match with black so I can mix and match and just take one pair of black shoes and one good pair of shoes ! I do take a few different necklaces and scarves so I can mix it up a bit too. I always wear something comfy now for the long road trips – I am too old to suffer for fashion anymore !! lol

    • I just need to get better at knowing what I want to wear I think Sonia. I am never sure so I pack to much in case I change my mind. LOL

  2. There is only one thing worse than packing….unpacking!

  3. I too used to be an overpacker… until I started travelling with a baby and just couldnt deal with all the luggage. In exchange, I lowered my standard of cleanliness and gave up on cute outfits, and now just pack the bare minimum and wash as we go as necessary. Helps alot with the unpacking too 🙂

    • I think that I have probably downsized also Taryn as now I can pack all of their stuff as well as all of my stuff in my big bag – but this time I seriously failed myself in the packing department!

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