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National Mothering Week May 7 – 13th 2012

Australian Breastfeeding Association National Mothering Week

I was at the shops today supposedly buying some speaker gifts for an event I am running next week, however, on the way to getting the speaker gifts I got  distracted by the book section in David Jones. I don’t know if I am the only one but I just can’t walk past the book section without my eyes being drawn to all of the glossy covers and deliciousness of the cookbooks or the escapism of the novels…but I digress.

While I was perusing the books I started thinking about mothers day. Now we aren’t much for celebrating these kinds of things in our house but I usually try to send something small to my own mum. But I was looking at some of the book titles and I started thinking about all of my mama friends who I would love to buy something for – to give them a sprout of encouragement to celebrate the great job that they do. As I browsed the shelves I kept thinking of different friends and how it would be so great if I had the spare cash to buy something nice for all my mama friends.

Sadly I don’t.

But I can give the gift of words – to each and every one of you!

From one Mum to Another….  

You are doing a Great Job!

Happy National Mothering Week!


::Daily Meditation::  Show yourself some love in honor of the great job you do as a mama!


  1. That’s the very best present.

    You’re doing a great job, Happy Mother’s day on sunday.

  2. Your post has inspired me to send a small note the good old fashioned way, to all my friends to let them know what wonderrful Mama’s I think they are. They may arrive late … but the message will still get there.

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