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Feeling a little overwhelmed with life right now

Cherry BLossoms and feeling overwhelmed


This past week has been nothing short of crazy and I feel a little like life is moving just that one step ahead of me at the moment. I have reached that point of busyness where all I want to do is shut down from the world and curl up by myself with a book.

Alas the life of a mama doesn’t afford us this luxury!

I did contemplate having Friday off work because I think that it all kind of peaked on Thursday. We were in Brisbane last weekend and then my Husband was away on Wednesday and Thursday. I haven’t been grocery shopping since I don’t know when and when I get home from work in the evening the absolute last thing I feel like doing is cooking. The thought of something that would create more mess and more work is just too much.

So I sit here with my glass of Sav Blanc and try to remember that it is not forever – it is just for this short time that life will be crazy busy.

I will gain some sanity back as long as I don’t over tax myself in the next few days.

I do however have one wish that would make my life much much better right now – just to be able to wake up naturally and get out of bed in my own time at some time of the morning that is after 5:30 am – such a simple wish really.





  1. I am feeling like that too. I just can’t get on top of things at the moment !

  2. Maybe it’s the moon…I should be happy and rested with my Husband home at the moment but I’m all out of sorts too…I have so many ideas, lists and things I need to do running through my mind all the time, I can’t stop long enough just to think about one! I really, really hope you get your sleep in…even one every few years makes a difference xx

  3. I’m so glad you had a glass of wine and were able to take a few moments and breath and write this post. I always find spilling it out onto the page helps me. I very much hope when 5:30 rolls around, you’re still deeply asleep.

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