On New Years eve I was ‘practising’ the Zero Waste lifestyle while out and about with one of the kids  when we stopped for lunch at a food court. The question I posed to myself is – How do I make a choice here and create the least amount of waste possible?

It wasn’t really all that easy.

If I had a container I could have had Sushi and a certain retailer at which I don’t partake (starts with an Mmm) has mostly recyclable packaging. But neither were an option.

At the particular food court I was in I noticed the Sumo Salad were advertising a new ‘Deli-style’ container for their pre made salads. So my decision was made. Now I did happen to have my reusable water bottle and a metal  fork with me, but even so I still took the pre packaged plastic knife and fork that the retailer offered me. A minute or two later when I remembered that I didn’t need it, i walked back to the serving counter and gave it back to them.

Sitting down to eat, I realised that the cardboard packaging noted that it was 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable – I thought awesome! When I was done I just put the lid back onto it and popped it into my bag and took it home to put into the compost bin. I was a bit concerned about the inside of the package having a shiny lining but according to the Sumo Salad website – it is a material derived from Corn – Here is some more info.

The only down side was the plastic lid that the packaging came with. I don’ t really think that this was compostable and even if it were it would take so long to break down.  Next time I will just say No to the lid – as I was eating in I didn’t really need it.  I think that in my little bag with green bags in it I will keep a couple of paper bags to put packaging like this into if I am bringing it home to compost.

I am calling this a win because I am likely to make this choice again if I am out and about and need to eat.

Do you have any thoughts about how to make the best low waste decisions in a food court?

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