In preparation for doing  this year long challenge I have been poking around the internet this week just to have a look at what people are doing around reducing clutter and waste in their lives.

The Zero Waste movement seems to be the biggest player and there are hundreds of you tube videos out there about what people are doing.

One of the things I am conscious of is staying in alignment with my goal of bringing less ‘stuff’ into our home. By “stuff” I mean physical things that are unecessary. In doing this I see us moving towards the creation of less waste – and I am able to acknowledge that it will be a work in progress to move towards zero waste. I can comfortably say right now that I don’t think that we will ever get to the levels of Bea Johnson Zero Waste – but by making small changes we can certainly move towards reduced waste.

It could certainly be very overwhelming – not to mention wasteful – to just start throwing things out because they are plastic – especially when they are useful items that are frequently reused. Take my liquid dishwashing soap for example.

This bottle has been refilled so many times I don’t even know how old it is. We buy dishwashing liquid in bulk in our Costco shop (although I will be investigating making my own later this year) – usually the large container lasts us about 6 months  – decanting into this bottle each time.

I have contemplated shifting it onto a glass canister with a pump but I am pretty sure that other members of the family will not be happy with that. So I will keep using my reused plastic container as long as I can.

I stumbled across a great video series by an Aussie girl living in the US (Kate Patrick) who is a passionate advocate for waste reduction. It is called Detrashed Zero Waste Living and I love the way she puts things. She has written a book which gives a stepwise  guide to simple things you can do to reduce your waste footprint called  Detrash Your Life,  which I think is a really great guide.  Many things are things we already do – like bringing your own water bottle – but there are other tips in there as well which will hopefully allow us to extend our impact.

I would like to think that by the end of this year we have substantially reduced our consumption of items which contribute to waste production and then perhaps next year we can work towards reducing our consumption even more by reducing our use of all things plastic for example.

January Detrash Challenge

Our challenge for January will be to start to reduce our usage of single-use plastics by bringing our reusable water bottles with us and remembering to bring our re-usable  grocery bags when we go shopping.