I have spent time over the past few days really examining just what is possible in the way of reducing clutter and waste – oh and I have been de-cluttering my home.  I am not ready to go the whole Konmari declutter – I have a craft habit and these things require a certain degree of clutter. In time I might get there but not just yet – I don’t think that I am really a minimalist but more someone who likes things to have a home.  I like to think that my craft supplies  are now more organised clutter – where everything has a home.

Craft clutter is manageable

A few years ago I helped my sister in law clean out her husbands home for sale (long story – his home from a previous marriage where his ex-wife died in a gliding accident).  During this process we uncovered a lot of her craft supplies – mostly fabric and yarn – but it was a mess and had been there for about 15 years just sitting in plastic bags. Some of it was well beyond salvage but it was just so heartbreaking to me to have to throw away all this perfectly useful yarn and fabric. I did manage to salvage some thankfully.

When we were done I came home and thought – what would happen if something happened to me – what would happen to all my craft supplies. I would want them to be passed along to  someone who would love and use these things just as much as I did. So I commenced organising my craft supplies.

It is now a couple of years on and I have to say that it is a work in progress but I have come a long way. From having things stored in a mish mash of boxes which were quite randomly assigned to a much cleaner and simpler to use organisation system using mostly Ikea SAMLA boxes.

The great thing about these boxes is that they come in a variety of sizes  and can easily be labelled with a label maker.

So now I have the majority of all the little things stored in these boxes – along with other things such as christmas paper supplies.

For smaller things like embroidery cotton and other really small things I use a box like this.

All of my yarn is stored in a set of Ikea Kallax 2 x 4 cube shelves with boxes that fit right in.

On the whole this storage system isn’t the most beautiful – but I can easily put my hand to just about anything very quickly. My craft room also serves as a guest bedroom so everything is usually stored away in the cupboards most of the time.  Having everything have a home of its own allows me to get on with whatever craft I’m doing at the moment – without clutter getting in my way.

What do you use to keep the craft room clutter at bay?

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