I am looking forward to undertaking this year long challenge, however I am also apprehensive.

It will be quite the challenge – especially for me as the main purchaser. Often I am the one who is guilty of succumbing to the needs of the children while out and about. I also have quite the large yarn stash and am well known for impulse purchasing on the whim of whatever enabling podcast I happen to have been listening to that week. But the bottom line is, I am pretty sure that we do have everything we could possibly need in our lives already. I am also pretty sure that there are many things we could learn to live without – and that much of our purchasing is out of habit rather than need.

The challenge will come in finding something that I would normally replace because it is looking tatty and forcing myself to wait until it is thoroughly worn out or broken before replacing it. I have been ‘practising’ this week while out shopping and have caught myself having to think through a few different scenarios.

I am looking forward to exploring the thoughts, feelings and realisations I have while travelling this road – and I hope that our experience can be of benefit to others out there who might be struggling to help their children be thankful for the life we have in the ‘buy it now’ world we live in.

Let the 2017 Life with Less Challenge begin.