Sheep in Paddock

I have spent some time this week thinking about just how we will go about this challenge in a practical way.  Below are the guidelines  we will follow throughout the Life with Less challenge:

  • Day to day essentials such as food, household items and essential toiletries are acceptable purchases – however throughout the year we will explore ways to make our purchasing more sustainable through mini challenges.
  • Toiletries should only be purchased when they need replacing. Clothing should only be purchased where essential and second hand where possible. Craft supplies may be purchased where they are required to complete a project. Major spending such as car servicing and planned purchases are allowed.
  • No ‘Non-essentials” are to be purchased. This includes books, magazines, toys, candles, artwork, knickknacks, stationary, non-essential craft supplies
  • Adults and children are allowed to save up to purchase an approved item. They must present a case for their need of this item at a family meeting. They must be able to demonstrate why they need to purchase this as a new item.
  • Gifts are allowed to be accepted where the gift is an experience – such as a trip to the zoo, the movies, a show etc. Gifts for others will be made from existing materials where possible.
  • We will write about the things that we do buy throughout the year here in a weekly Live with Less summary.
As we move through the challenge I will share our progress, triumphs and frustrations in a weekly blog and I will collate links to these in the Life with Less page – available by clicking in the pages links in the top bar above. If you would like to follow along on Instagram – check out the hashtag #lifewithless17.